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Apple has pushed out an update to its suite of pro video editing tools for Mac today, including new versions of Final Cut Pro XMotion, and Compressor.

Final Cut has been upgraded to version 10.2, which adds support for 3D titles, improved color grading and effects tools, support for additional camera formats, and GPU-accelerated processing of RAW footage from RED cameras.


Motion now has the ability to create custom environments and materials for 3D titles and export them directly to Final Cut Pro, while Compressor gains the ability to package movies for sale on iTunes.

Earlier this year Final Cut’s existing titles garnered praise as the producers of the movie Focus revealed that they had been so pleased with the app’s built-in titles that they used them in the final cut of the film. Focus was promoted by Apple as the first major Hollywood movie to be edited entirely in the revamped version of Final Cut since it was released in 2011.

Highlighting Apple’s push to encourage video professionals to use the new versions of its software, Apple issued a press release announcing the updates:


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