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Transfer account from old Mac to a new one using OSX Migration Assistant
Posted by UCS IT Support 4 on 17 September 2010 05:05 PM

To transfer files via Migration Assistant

  1. Before performing migration, Restart your old Mac hold letter T key on your keyboard till the FireWire sign comes up on your screen
  2. Connect a FireWire cord between both computer you should see the old Mac HD on the new Mac desktop.
  3. On your new Mac, open Migration Assistant, located in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder.
  4. Read the Introduction screen, then click Continue.
  5. If a dialog appears, type your admin password, then click OK.
  6. In the Migration Method screen, select “From another Mac,” then click Continue.
  7.  click Continue
  8. Select the hard disk and user accounts from which you want to transfer, don't select transfer applications if you already have all Applications installed on the new Mac
  9. Select transfer your network, time zone, and Sharing settings, and then click Transfer.
  10. When Migration Assistant is finished transferring files, click Quit.
  11. Eject the old drive from your new Mac desktop, disconnect FireWire cord
  12. On your new Mac log out and log back in with your account
  13. Turn off the old computer
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