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Message Preview Disabled & camera recognition problems
Posted by UCS IT Support 4 on 26 April 2006 08:55 PM
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Try might be the Quicktime Upgrade issue:

#30 - Deck recognition after Tiger Upgrade:

Shane's Stock Answer #30:
camera recognition problems

The workaround is to download Quicktime *manually*, after removing the "receipts" which indicate that it is loaded. Specifically, I was told to do the following:

1. Navigate to Library -> Receipts on your main drive (not from your personal folder).

2. Remove all files of the form QuickTime*.pkg, where "*" is a version number. E.g. QuickTime600.pkg, QuickTime650.pkg, Quicktime700.pkg and QuickTime701.pkg. This simply tells your system that those packages are not installed.

3. Go to and click on the "download Quicktime" link. DO NOT USE THE AUTOMATIC UPDATE UTILITY. Download QuickTimeInstallerX.dmg. Double click this file (probably on your desktop) and then invoke the installer by double clicking QuickTime701.pkg.

4. After your computer reboots, you should be able to restart FCP and see your camera.
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