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My Macintosh HD icon has disappeared from my desktop!
Posted by UCS IT Support 4 on 02 April 2009 04:46 PM

What has happened is that your drive has become invisible, and if you have one of the many utilities that allow you to show invisibles, you'll see your drive again when you turn that on, but you do not wish to see all the invisibles all the time. You just want to make your drive visible again. There are two ways to do this, one uses Applescript, and the other uses Terminal. Let's use Applescript first, as this is probably easiest for most Mac users.

Launch ScriptEditor and copy and paste this into the script window:

tell application "System Events" 
set visible of disk "NameofDisk" to true 
end tell

tell application "Finder" to quit 
delay 1 
tell application "Finder" to launch

Replace NameofDisk with the actual name of your disk, hit the Compile icon to make sure the script didn't acquire any errors, and then hit run. This should set the visible attribute back to visible and quit and relaunch the Finder, thus making the change available.

The same thing can happen to other drives, both internal and external. You can use the same Applescript to fix those as well, just put in the name of the drive.


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